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issues. >> reporter: john slaughter of boreal says that ski areas do all they can to make sure customers are safe by reevaluating procedures. >> once an accident occurs to know what it will take to correct the situation. >> do you release that information? >> we do not? >> wlie? >> it's company policy. >> we don't have good enough information to understand where the greatest impact can be made because we don't have the data. >> reporter: ever since dog gregory lost his daughter at alpine ski resort he has been on a mission to get ski resorts to make accident data public. >> these accidents occur in these locations what can we do to prevent them? >> reporter: gregory started the ski and snow board safety organization and came up with the idea of the report card. he's also sponsored several ski safety bills that would have required ski areas throughout the state to establish standards and report injuries. lu legislation vetoed by governors schwarzenegger and brown. they said it was unnecessary and tracked by the u.s. forest service. >> when we asked for accident reports, we were told they
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1